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Thomas Chapple is the author of Base Building for Cyclists. He's an Elite Level USA Cycling Coach and worked as a Joe Friel's Ultrafit Associate. He's competed at the national level in downhill mountain bike racing as well as regionally in road and track. Local to Mountain View, California, Coach Thomas can work with any athlete, anywhere in the world!

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What people are saying about Coach Thomas:

I'm riding farther, faster, stronger, with less fade at the end of the ride. -Cameron

In Thomas, you get a coach who is fundamentally irreverent, funny and knows just what to do to help his athletes stay motivated. -Matt

I've progressed from an average sport mountain bike racer, to an Expert NORBA overall series champion, and finally to a semi-pro as of next year. -Andy

He takes a genuine interest in the people he coaches. -Jamie

I've never worked with anyone who's as great at coaching women as Thomas. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, but he's super supportive and motivating. And fun! -Christie

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Motor Sports Fitness Coaching

If you take your motorcycle and auto racing seriously then you should also take your fitness training seriously too. Motor sports place a high demand on your endurance and strength and as you fatigue your technique and form can deteriorate. To stay out front you need the fastest equipment, greater skills, and a higher level of fitness than your competitors. This is true whether you're competing on a bicycle, motorcycle, or in a car.

As a graduate of auto and motorcycle racing schools, and a motor sports racing hobbyist, I understand the demands these events place on our body's strength and endurance systems. I can structure a training program that will help keep you lean, strong, and capable of going the distance.

Realize Your Potential | Coaching Programs with Coach Thomas

It is my personal goal to help athletes of all ages, experience, skill and talent levels to reach their full potential as both athlete and individual. I help them obtain greater satisfaction from life through the process of training their bodies and minds for athletic competition.

Since I started coaching full-time in 1997, I have helped athletes finish their first race or century, as well as helping athletes advance from local competition to placing at National and World Championships. Athletes I've coached have won their age group and placed as top amateur at The Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii, placed on the podium at the US Pro/Elite National Criterium Championships, and won 24 hour solo mountain bike races. Although I understand that often the goal is to win, I coach athletes in a manner that keeps their lives in balance and results in continuous improvements through consistency of training. I help them realize their potential by guiding them with training that is appropriate to their individual needs, and moves toward achieving both short and long term goals.

I offer a variety of programs. Everything from full-time (One On One) coaching to individual special sessions. For a review of each program click on the link below.

Coaching Programs:
Premium Level I Coaching $600.00/month
Level II Coaching $400.00/month
Consultations $100.00/hour
Special Sessions $100.00/hour
Team Coaching Price Varies
Training Camps Price Varies

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