programs to fit every athlete

I offer a variety of programs. Everything from full-time (One On One) coaching to individual special sessions. For a review of each program click on the link below.

Coaching Programs

Premium Level I Coaching:   $600.00/month
Level II Coaching:                $400.00/month
Consultations:                      $100.00/hour
Special Sessions:                  $100.00/hour
Team Coaching:                     Price Varies
Training Camps:                     Price Varies

Selecting a Coach

Selecting a coach?

What criteria do you look at?

There are two things that athletes often look at first. One is the price, and the second is how fast the coach is.

There is this idea out there that the more talented someone is as an athlete the better coach theyíll be. I had an athlete tell me once that he didnít want to be coached by someone that couldnít beat him in a race. This same athlete also told me that he believed he could, and would, become the World Champion. I was puzzled how he could do that if his coach always beat him. Natural athletic talent does not make someone a strong coach. It can make them a strong athlete. I often see very talented athletes that manage to get by on talent alone and once they are coached correctly they excel even more.

I'm not saying that talent excludes someone from coaching ability; I've seen very talented athletes that have developed into excellent coaches. I'm only suggesting that it doesn't guarantee coaching ability, and that assuming that athletic talent automatically qualifies someone to coach is incorrect. .

Effective coaching requires understanding how different individuals respond to training, and knowing how to adjust training based on how the athlete responds. Effective coaching is about helping the athlete set realistic, yet challenging goals and structuring their training so that they can maintain a balance in their life. Structuring an appropriate training plan is about understanding your personal strengths and limiters, as well as your unique needs. It is not likely that you should be doing the exact same training that your coach is, yet Iíve seen talented athletes hand their personal training plan to other athletes and call it coaching. Your coach should be able to define what training is appropriate and necessary for you to do in order to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Not every coach is a good match for every athlete. I donít take on every athlete that asks me to. When I interview potential clients I want to be sure that my coaching will lead to the athlete being successful. When you talk to potential coaches look for communication skills and how well the coach listens and interacts with you. Be sure to ask about their personal coaching philosophies and methodologies. Pick questions that are important to you and see what the answers are from several coaches.

Regarding price ask yourself this. How many athletes would a coach need to work with at $100-200.00 a month to make enough to support himself; buy a house, have a savings account, afford health insurance, etc.? If a coach is working with 30-40 athletes at one time how much time can they dedicate to you and how closely can they monitor your training progress? A coach once boasted that he personally had ďhundreds of clientsĒ. I was going to ask him to name them all, but decided not to. If the coach works with fewer athletes, but has a full time career outside of coaching ask them when they monitor your training? Take into account that they may want to ride their bike too. What if they have a family? As an athlete you probably already understand how hard it is to find time to fit your training in before or after work. When would you have time to coach a couple dozen other athletes effectively? The answer is you canít!

Coaching is my full-time vocation and yet I still limit myself to no more than 20 athletes at one time. I will not take on more than four Level-I and six Level-II clients at any time. I provide a service that not only draws on my 10 years of coaching experience, but also offers availability to my clients.

I not only provide appropriate, well thought out training plans and individualized schedules, but I offer a level of service that exceeds most athletesí expectations from a coach. I often hear from athletes how their coach doesnít get back to them quickly when they have a question that they feel is important. That wonít happen with me! I always respond within 24 hours, and usually within just a few hours. I donít set restrictive office hours and make myself available to my Level-I and II clients as needed.

Iíve worked with professional and amateur athletes ranging from absolute beginners to state, national, and world champions. Iíve developed my coaching abilities, philosophies, and methodologies from racing, formal training, and my experience working with a diverse group of clients with various skills, interests, and athletic abilities.

If you think you might be interested in having me coach you I welcome you to contact me to set up an interview.


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