Premium Level I Coaching

$600 per month
There is no setup fee
Start up fee covers an extensive initial consultation to determine the athlete's goals, strengths, limiters, and personal schedule and the set up of an annual training plan.

Premium Power level I Coaching includes everything that the Level II and III coaching below includes plus the following:

• Weekly power files analysis and review summary
I will review all significant power and heart rate files in detail and analyze them. At the end of each week you’ll receive a summery of that weeks training for your review. After reviewing it we’ll discuss what it all means with regard to your training and goals.

• Weekly phone consultation
Level I clients receive up to 4 hours of consultation each month. This is usually used as a phone call to review training progress every week. During this consultation the athlete's preceding training is evaluated and upcoming training is discussed. Adjustments can be made to the training schedule at these times as needed.

• Daily contact with coach when needed
I find that a brief daily check-in is very helpful for keeping athletes on track and assuring they are making progress. It is often necessary to adjust the training schedule on a daily basis when your "other life" (work, family, etc.) and/or the training load places greater demands on your time and energy. For the busy executive or professional bike racer this means being able to rearrange your training schedule on a daily basis as needed.

• Race or event attendance
I will personally attend at least one of your top priority events each year as your personal coach. I will assist you with event strategy, nutrition, organization, recovery, and even run errands for you so you can rest. I’ll review your power files with you on the spot after your event. My travel and accommodation expenses are paid by the athlete.

• Free use of TrainingPeaks.com

• Free admission to all CoachThomas.com training camps and clinics

• Discounts on additional hourly consultations
Level I clients can purchase additional consultation time at a reduced rate of $40.00 an hour



contact: Thomas Chapple 206-321-9664    email: ThomasChapple@aol.com