Level II: One On One Coaching

$400 per month
There is a $50 setup fee
Start up fee covers an initial consultation to determine the athlete's goals, strengths, limiters, and personal schedule and the set up of an annual training plan. I will also walk you through setting up and using your TrainingPeaks account and power meter.

The Level II Coaching Program is for the athlete that wants or needs, ongoing feedback and review. The more time spent interacting with the coach the more an athlete can get out of their training. A One on One client may be someone that is new to their sport, or a very experienced athlete. Ongoing feedback is the best way to assure that the athlete is progressing and that adjustments to the training program are being made as necessary.

After an initial interview with you to discuss health history, training and competitive history, and your goals, I will design a customized training plan specifically for you. The training plan will include daily workouts, and mileage/hour goals. This is delivered through the athlete's own TrainingPeaks account (ask for details).

Level II Coaching includes the following services:

 Frequent review and feedback of the Athlete's training log
I review the Level II client's daily log and provide feedback as needed.

 Training schedule review
Level II client's schedules can be adjusted regularly to accommodate changes in the athlete's life and training needs. .

 Bi-Monthly consultations
Level II clients receive 2 hours of consultation each month. This is usually used as a phone call to review training progress every 2 weeks, but could also be a weekly check in and briefing if needed. During this consultation the athlete's preceding training is evaluated and upcoming training is discussed. Adjustments can be made to the training schedule at these times as needed, or when something comes up in the athlete's daily life. Contact/interaction with the coach is not limited for Level II clients.

 Power Meter training instruction and Profile Testing
Athletes are encouraged to train with a power meter and will receive ongoing instruction on how to utilize it. Power profiling will be used to assist in determining the athlete's strengths and limiters. The athlete's TSS (Training Stress Score) and CTL (Chronic Training Load) will be monitored and reviewed.

 Ongoing fitness progression testing
Athletes will perform fitness testing (power or HR/time based) frequently to measure progress and adjust training zones.

 Nutritional guidance
Athletes receive ongoing information on nutrition to help them make better decisions on what to eat and when to eat it.

 Race strategy planning
Each race/athlete will have unique needs. A 24 hour mountain bike race requires appropriate pacing and nutritional strategies that will differ from a criterium.

 Training Plan Outline
Each athlete will be provided with an Annual Training Plan (ATP) with specific training phases designed to address their needs.

 Personalized Training Plan Delivered each month
Training schedules provided each month that include detailed daily workouts designed to address each athlete's individual needs

 Weight Training Program Design
Including strength training phases and strength training instruction

 Discounts on products and CoachThomas.com training camps

 Discounts on additional hourly consultations
Level II clients can purchase additional consultation time at a reduced rate of $60.00 an hour



contact: Thomas Chapple 206-321-9664    email: ThomasChapple@aol.com