Special Sessions
$100.00 per hour; 2 hours for $175.00

Power Profile Testing

Want to know how much you “put out”? Coach Thomas will guide you through the process of testing your average power levels for varies durations. This information provides insight into the cyclist’s personal strengths and what aspects of their cycling need improving. Power testing also provides information that can be used to establish training levels, or zones. After you’ve trained for several weeks you’ll want to retest and measure for improvements. If you don’t have your own power meter ask about borrowing one for testing.

Power Files Review

All ready have a pile of power files and want to know what all the data means? Show them to Coach Thomas and he’ll go through them with you and help you understand what all the lines, dots, and graphs really mean. Power files that can be reviewed include, SRM, Power Tap, and Ergomo. Training zones can be set up based on this data.

Cycling skills clinics

Develop confidence as you learn and practice bike handling skills like; riding in a pace line, cornering, emergency braking, riding next to another rider, balance enhancement, descending and climbing, and sprinting. This session includes a 1-hour lesson and a 1-hour ride to practice what you've learned.

Cycling specific fitness testing

Establish a base fitness level specific to cycling. This will provide a marker from which to direct training and measure progress. This test will be done using both heart rate and power output to determine your current level of cycling fitness.

Weight training for cycling
(Based on gym access)

Spend an hour with a certified personal trainer and licensed cycling coach and learn proper weight training exercises and technique to enhance your cycling.

Basic bike fit assessment

Have your saddle height, saddle fore and aft position, cleat fore and aft location, stem length and overall riding position assessed by a licensed cycling coach.

Shopping for a bike

You'll receive the assistance of your cycling coach with the selection of a new road or multi-sport bicycle. We will discuss the various options and models including; frame materials, specific geometry, frame sizing and fit, and component options.

Introduction to cycling

Learn the basics of riding efficiently. Learn when to shift, proper pedaling mechanics, riding positions, and how to clip in and out of those strange new pedals.

Private sessions with a licensed cycling coach

Spend some time discussing cycling specific training, skills, testing, racing, or anything else that's on your mind.




contact: Thomas Chapple 206-321-9664    email: ThomasChapple@aol.com