About Me

Thomas Chapple

I’ve been coaching as a full time job for over 20 years. After studying at the Olympic Training Center, I obtained an Elite Level 1 USA Cycling Coach certification in 2001. In 2003 I was invited to join Joe Friel’s Ultrafit coaching association. In 2006 I wrote Base Building for Cyclists to help cyclists understand the importance of building a base foundation of aerobic endurance, strength, and skills, to assure that their advanced training is well supported.

As an athlete, I rode 300 miles, over two mountain passes at the age of 13. I competed in NORBA national downhill mountain bike races in the early 90’s. After a back injury ended that adventure I took 2 years off cycling and then competed in road, track, and cross country mountain bike racing. I have knowledge, experience, passion, and skills, in all cycling disciplines. I currently cycle for different reasons than I did in the past, but I still understand the competitiveness of being a serious athlete.

I’ve coached cyclists that race 24 hour mountain races and RAAM. I coached a triathlete to the 1st amateur finisher at the Iron Man World Championships in Kona. I’ve helped new racers advance from Cat 4 to getting their pro license, and I’ve helped new riders finish their first century ride. But my focus has always been on helping individuals find enjoyment from their cycling, and a healthy balance in their lives.

I’ve made my home in Bend, Oregon, but I’ve worked with cyclists that are new to the sport, to professionals, all over the world! Whether you’re local, or far away, if you’re interested in discussing coaching methodologies and philosophies with me please reach out. I enjoy my job, my sport, and most of the athletes I’ve work with.