“It has been a pleasure to be coached by Thomas for the past three years. He has a keen understanding of road and off road racing, the physical mechanics of cycling and appropriate training strategies for long-term health and success. Through Thomas’ guidance, I’ve become a stronger cyclist through the right kind of training and adaptations and he has helped improve my overall attitude about competition. In addition, Thomas has helped immensely with nutrition and hydration education. In Thomas, you get a coach who is fundamentally irreverent, funny and knows just what to do to help his athletes stay motivated.”



I read your base building book. Last year was a proof-of-concept year. I loosely tried out your method and had great results. Fast forward this year. I picked my primary event and worked backwards from there. I have followed your program to a “T”. Oh doctor, can I just tell you, I am riding better than I have ever ridden in my entire life. I am entering late base and I am seeing awesome progress.

I just took a ride in the mountains today and more than anything, the aerobic base I have established made all of the difference (strength training coming in a close second). I am riding farther, faster, stronger, with less fade at the end of the ride.

Thanks again for such a great book. I bought one for my best riding buddy, but he is yet to be convinced (even though he complains I am killing him on our rides).”



“Hi Thomas,

My name is Esteban and I live in Costa Rica. I’m 37 years old right now. Last year I tried to race La Ruta de los Conquistadores but I couldn’t even finish the first stage. I wasn’t enough prepared, or at least, not prepared myself smart enough.

I bought your book, Base building for cyclists, and start training as you suggest. Another edition of La Ruta de los Conquistadores took place last week and I race it again, but it was a different story. I was able to finish all the stages, three of them without any fatigue. My legs feel good and I’m still able to ride my bike.

I’ve been recommending your book to all my friends and to a couple of professional riders at the race. I can’t thank you enough for your book and the work you do. I will read it again in the next months and start training again soon.

Thanks for all,”

Esteban San José, Costa Rica

“Hi Thomas

I would like to thank you! Before I read your book, I couldn’t follow the guys here in my city. Then I bought your book and follow your guideline! After four months doing all right I won one the biggest races here in my region.

In the begin all the local guys joking me and my training’s method.. Now all they want to buy your book!




I have been competing in Endurance Mountain bike races (6-7-8-12 hour) races for 3 years and my best performance has been second place a number of times. The closest I came to first place was 2 years ago losing by a mere 40 seconds after 12 hours of racing.


I saw an ad for your book, “base building for cyclist” in an issue of Velo news. I sent away for it and I read it from cover to cover. I followed your suggestion on time spent in zones and training loads, being careful to increase them each week, and each month but providing adequate recovery after each stage of training. I have to tell you…..IT WORKED. By taking your advice I was able to crush my competition this past weekend at a 12 hour mountain bike race.

I race a fully rigid Single Speed and have never felt better in a race. I owe alot of that to you and your thoughts on endurance training.

Thank you !!!”


“I’ve been working with Thomas for four years now. He is very knowledgeable and has been a master at accommodating my demanding work schedule as an attorney when developing my training plans. In terms of results, I have increased my threshold power 22% or so since I started working with him. Every year we seem to be able to squeeze a few more watts out of me by fine tuning my training plan. I’ve progressed from an average sport mountain bike racer, to an Expert NORBA overall series champion, and finally to a semi-pro as of next year. I am confident I would not have accomplished what I have without Thomas’ assistance.”


“Thomas has been helping me for a little over a year now. I can’t say enough about him. My race results have improved dramatically the past year thanks to the training programs Thomas has put together for me. He has taught me a ton about the value of rest (which I never did before I met him) and nutrition and he has added a lot of variety and drills to my training. Thomas has a wealth of knowledge and is a great teacher as well as coach. The thing that impresses me most about Thomas is his responsiveness to questions. A lot of my buddies use coaches and the number one complaint I hear is that they ask a question which they think is important and sometimes do not get a response for several days. Thomas has always been either available by phone or email immediately when I have had questions. I have never waited 24 hours for a response. He takes a genuine interest in the people he coaches.


“Thomas is a knowledgeable, committed and understanding coach. He will design your training schedules consistent with what you need and continue to tailor your training to support your goals and what time you have available in your life. Thomas and I have had a coaching relationship for years which is an indication of my regard for what he provides…besides he is a fun and great guy.”