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Selecting a Coach

Looking for a coach?

Effective coaching requires understanding how different individuals respond to training, and knowing how to adjust training based on how the athlete responds.  I provide well thought out, individualized training plans and schedules, and offer timely ongoing feedback, and adjustments, to the training.

Coaching is my full-time vocation, and yet I still limit myself to no more than 10 clients at one time. I provide a service that not only draws on my more than 20 years of coaching experience, but also offers unprecedented availability to my clients.
I’ve worked with professional, and amateur cyclists, ranging from absolute beginners to state, national, and world champions. I’ve developed my coaching abilities, philosophies, and methodologies from racing, formal training, and my experience working with a diverse group of clients with various skills, interests, and athletic abilities.

I work with clients all over the world, including the Bay Area in California, Bend Oregon, and Seattle WA.  I also broadcast cycling training classes via Zoom that you can take from your own home.   If you think you might be interested in having me coach you I welcome you to contact me to set up an interview.

Coaching –

Now offering indoor Cycling Classes via Zoom, and guided mountain bike rides. 


Coaching programs include admission to Zoom cycling classes –

Tuesday/Thursday 7-8 AM, and Wednesday 7-8 PM west coast time.

Premium Level I Coaching

Premium Level I Coaching

$550 per month
$100 start up fee –
Start up includes initial consultation to determine the athlete’s goals,
strengths, limiters, and personal schedule, and the set up of an annual
training plan.
Premium level I Coaching includes –
• Personalized Training Plan 
• Monthly training ride (local athletes only)
• Relevant power files reviewed
• Phone consultation, as needed
• Daily check in contact with coach, when needed
• Power Meter training instruction
• Fitness progression testing
• Nutritional guidance
• Race, and event strategy planning
• Weight Training Program Design assistance 
• Race or event attendance *
* I will personally attend one of your top priority events each year as
your personal coach. I will assist you with event strategy, nutrition,
organization, and recovery. I’ll review your power files with you on the spot
after your event. My travel and accommodation expenses are paid by the
• Free admission to all training camps, Zoom classes, and clinics

Level II Coaching

Level II Coaching

$400 per month
$100 start up fee –
Start up includes initial consultation to determine the athlete’s goals,
strengths, limiters, and personal schedule, and the set up of an annual
training plan outline.
Level II Coaching includes –
• Personalized Training Plan 
• Relevant power files reviewed
• Phone consultation, as needed
• Emailing, as needed
• Power Meter training instruction
• fitness progression testing assistance
• Nutritional guidance
• Race, and event strategy planning
• Weight Training Program Design assistance
• Discounts on all training camps, Zoom classes, and clinics

Zoom Indoor Cycling Classes

Personalized indoor cycling workouts

$2,300 for full year of classes ($15/per class) or $20/per individual class

Winter only program – December through March = $600

Group classes broadcasted Tuesday/Thursday 7-8 AM, and Wednesday 7-8 PM west coast USA time zone.

All workouts can be used for anything from an easy recovery spin, to a high intensity blowout, depending on your current fitness level, and goals. 
This is a cycling class, designed for cyclists, not a hoot’n and holler’n aerobics Class.  Custom days/times available for individuals, and groups.

Use your Peloton, Zwift, Garmin, Tacx, Strava, or other trainer and bike set up.


• All workouts allow for custom intensities based on your current needs 
• Open to, and appropriate for, all levels of cyclists, and cycling goals
• Build endurance, strength, and V02
• learn about training philosophies and methodologies
• Casual, fun, and inclusive environment
• From the convenience, comfort, and safety of your own home
Personal Riding/Training Camps

Personal Mountain Bike Riding/Training Camps


Want to work on base training, skills development, developing your V02 max, or just have some fun riding your mountain bike?  Then come join me for guided mountain bike rides in the high desert of Bend Oregon during the summer months, or near Phoenix AZ during winter months.  Trails vary from smooth and flowing to rocky technical sections.  We can choose the trails that are best suited for your needs, and I’ll take your though some daily rides where we can work on fitness and skills development.

I have spent years scouting out the best single track rides in these areas, and can also advise you about places to stay and eat based on your interests/budget.  You’ll be able to have a nice cycling vacation, and not have to worry about how to choose the best routes.  I’ll guide you on the trails best suited for your ability/interests and we can work on skills, and specific training, if you’d like.  Since it will be your personal rides, the pace will be set to suit you and your group.  

Rides can range from 10 miles to 50 miles per day. 
In Bend, there is also the option of shuttling which can provide up to 25 miles of mostly downhill riding. 

Guided mountain bike rides near Phoenix Arizona – January through February.

Book your sessions for January and February 2024 by contacting me for available dates.

Guided mountain bike rides in Bend Oregon – June through September. 
Book your sessions for June through September 2024 by contacting me for available dates.
I charge $75/hour or 3 hours for $200 for up to 4 riders (shuttle fees not included).  
We can just ride for 3 hours, or longer if you’d like, and/or take some time along the ride to work on specific skills like cornering, lifting the front wheel, riding over objects, braking, weight transfer for traction, corners, and braking or any skill you might be needing help with. Sorry, but aerial acrobatics not included. 

I also offer custom structured training camps for your groups/teams –

Choose the dates for your personal training camp and we can take care of the details.
We offer custom road and mountain bike camps.
A camp can be as short as 1-3 days, or up to 10 days long.  If you’re in my area for the weekend, and want a private guide, and/or coaching/riding instruction, and I can offer a one day camp, or weekend long camp.

Training Camps may include, but not limited to, the following services:

• Organized route selection
• Ride guide and support
• Fitness testing
• Bike fit evaluation
• Skills instruction
• Educational presentations




$100.00 per hour; 2 hours for $175.00
Consultations can be purchased individually, or could be a regularly scheduled appointment by phone.
Consultations can be used to discuss the athlete’s:
• Specific Training Schedule
• Training Progression and necessary adjustments
• Weight Training Program
• Bike Fit and Purchase
• Nutrition
• Race Preparation and Strategy
• Nutrition
• Race Preparation and Strategy


Metabolic Profile testing with INSCYD

Physiological Performance Testing

If you want to know about your V02 max (maximum aerobic capacity), VLamax (maximum anaerobic capacity), fat verses carbohydrate metabolism, power training zones, FatMax training intensity, training thresholds, and aerobic verse anaerobic energy system balance, I can take you through an easy to follow, but challenging, power performance test, and then analyze the data to determine these parameters for you.


Test can be done on your own (you send me your power files after following my instructions), or in person with me pacing, and guiding you through the actual tests – this can be done via Zoom on your indoor trainer. 

All tests are done on your bike, with your power meter.  This keeps all the data relevant to your training.

Tests with data analysis are $500 in person with me, $350 with me via Zoom, or $250 if you do the power tests on your own and send me the files for analysis.


I will compile a test data report that provides the following information.

– Training Thresholds

– Power Based Training Zones

– Aerobic and Anaerobic power balance

– Metabolic Profile of Fat and Carbohydrate burning

– Calculated V02 max

– Training Focus Recommendations based on test data and athlete’s goals.

Please contact me for more details.

Cycling Skills Instruction

Road and Mountain Bike Cycling skills clinics

Develop confidence as you learn and practice bike handling skills.  I can help you learn everything from just riding in a straight line, to lifting your wheels over a log.  I can teach you how to corner better on, or off road, how to climb and descend smoother, faster, and safer, and how to use your brakes correctly.
Cost = $300 for 2 hour session for 1-3 riders.

Introduction to Cycling

Learn the basics of riding efficiently. Learn when to shift, proper pedaling mechanics, riding positions, and how to clip in and out of those strange new pedals.  Learn where the best place along the side of road is to ride, and how to navigate the roads and traffic in a way that makes you more visible, predictable, and safer.

Cost = $300 for 2 hour session for 1-3 riders.


Bike fitting

Bike Fitting – not currently available, but contact me for recommendations for fitters in your area.

I’m available for personal bike fitting sessions using the Retul 3D Motion Capture System at Cognition Cyclery in Mountain View, California.  Please contact me for availability and pricing


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